Different Foundation Waterproofing Membrane Material & Products

The worst thing that can happen to a residential building other than fire outbreak is having problems with the foundation. The foundation is the core part of a building that determines its durability and strength to withstand time and extreme natural factors. Number one source of foundation problem is water. The wet soil below any foundation has the protection of penetrating through the basement and weaken the concrete material that builds the foundation. The solution to such problem is to install waterproof membrane in the foundation of a building. Keeping away moisture and water from the foundation will guarantee a strong and successful foundation.

The following are the different foundation waterproofing membrane material and products offered by Waterproof Singapore.

Cementitious Waterproofing

Cementitious Coating materials protect a foundation from chemical attacks and mechanical damage. The materials can either be sprayed or hand coated. It is one of the easiest ways of waterproofing foundations in constructions because the materials involved are easy to mix and to apply. It is useful for waterproofing structures like sewage and water treatment plants, dams, bridges, tunnels, and parking lots.

Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

Liquid membrane product has two coats that are primarily applied to a surface by the use of a trowel, spray or a roller. It is more effective than cementitious because it cures forming a rubber-like coating on the applied surface. It is highly durable, although the length of durability is determined by the type of polymer used in the mixture.

Bitumen Coating Membrane

Bitumen coating is also referred to as asphalt coating. It involves direct application of bitumen on the foundations and walls. It is flexible because it can be mixed will other polymers to increase durability. The waterproof protection is determined by the polymer grade used during coating. The key advantages of this product are that it is resistant to UV rays once modified with polyurethane, it does not dissolve in water, it dries up quickly, and it has a good elasticity level.

Polyurethane Liquid Membrane

This material is used to waterproof foundations that are prone to weathering. The material used in this waterproof process is more costly than bitumen and cementitious materials. Polyurethane is highly sensitive to moisture content. Before applying the membrane, our team will carefully evaluate the moisture content and dry it if it is a lot. Applying polyurethane on a wet surface will result to peeling of the membrane after a while.

Properties we check before Selecting a Waterproof Membrane Material

  • UV Resistance

If the foundation will be highly exposed to the sun, it is important to select a membrane material that is UV resistant. Otherwise, a less resistant membrane will degrade over a short time after installation.

  • Elasticity

The ability of the membrane to stretch is important. Elasticity is a must for waterproofing membranes because of the concrete expansion and for buildings that move like high-rise structures. The advantage of elasticity is that the coating will be able to stretch and cover up cracks that may form later.

  • Breathing Ability

A good foundation waterproof membrane is that which can breathe. Sometimes water may be trapped inside the coating and may not get out if the membrane is not breathable. A breathing membrane is advantageous because it will release moisture and keep the foundation dry.

  • Resistance to Tear

Membranes should be able to resist tear and wear because it should last for many years. For foundation waterproofing, the membrane should be highly resistant to tearing because of the pressure exerted by the building.

  • Chemical Stability

Basement membrane should have strong chemical features that will resist any chemical changes. The membrane , especially at the basement is highly exposed to soil and rainwater. These elements can react to form corrosive substances that might affect the coating.

  • Resistant to Abrasion

When workers are walking are walking in the foundation and dropping construction materials, it is important to have highly resistant to abrasion. A soft membrane may get damaged reducing its effectiveness.

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