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Whether you are building from scratch or buying a home, it is one of the most valuable possessions that should be given proper protection from harsh weather and environmental conditions. And, waterproofing is always a great way to protect your home from such elements. However, this can only be achieved if the waterproofing is done by an expert and, using quality materials. At Waterproofing Singapore, we offer tailor made home waterproofing solutions for all kinds of residential developments including, condos, landed property and HDB in Singapore.

Proper home waterproofing can always save you a lot of stress and, also enhance the value of the property. When the procedure is conducted to standard, your home will be able to effectively resist damage from insects, rain, and other related elements. Besides, home waterproofing ensures that there is no accumulation of moisture that can easily attract mildew, which could have dire health impacts. If your home is properly waterproofed, the basements, foundations, roofs and concrete will remain strong, thereby also cutting down maintenance and repair costs.

Generally, it is recommended that home waterproofing is done during construction. If the procedure is conducted properly during this time, the building can always last for quite a long time without common waterproofing problems like, leakage and seepage. However, we also understand that wear and tear could also catch up with the building over time. As a result, our company offers home waterproofing services for new and old buildings.

Our home waterproofing solutions are suitable for both private home owners as well as developers of residential establishments in Singapore.

How we Conduct Home Waterproofing

One of the reasons most people have failed in home waterproofing is lack of proper information on suitable waterproofing materials and techniques. Several years ago, most home waterproofing procedures were conducted using solvent-based asphalt products. The products were mainly applied by hand or spraying. Sometimes, waterproofing was also done by adding glass fibers to keep materials stuck together and avoid cracks. However, all these procedures have not been effective and, left many home owners with greater losses.

Today, there are still a few people who use asphalt products to waterproof various sections of their homes. Despite the ability of these products to resist the intrusion of vapor into concrete, they cannot last. The signs of hitches may not clearly show in the early stages of waterproofing but, you can be sure of a series of problems on the foundations, basement walls, concrete slabs, balcony, roofs and bathrooms later.  This means using old asphalt products for waterproofing will not only lead to frequent repairs but, also have a significant negative impact on your pocket.

In order to always deliver the ultimate home waterproofing solutions, our services involve the following;

Thorough on-site inspections

Before we begin any waterproofing procedure, our company will send a team of specialists to conduct a thorough inspection of the building. The reason we always start by conducting on-site inspections is to properly diagnose all problems and, also determine ideal waterproofing solutions. Even if the problems could be clearly visible on the basement walls, foundations, balcony or concrete, it is only through the inspection that we can get to the origins of the threats. If you are constructing a new home, we will still do an inspection in order to know the amount of resources that will be required for the whole project.

For convenience, the inspection is always conducted free of charge after which, you shall be given an estimate for all the waterproofing procedures to be administered. In case there are other hitches that require fixing before waterproofing, our specialists will see to it that all are effectively addressed. Besides waterproofing, we also offer professional repair services including, roof services, concrete repair, grouting, RC roof, gutter and slab repair as well as painting services.

While preparing quotations for home waterproofing, we always involve clients so that you can always get custom services for your residence and budget. If there are any additional procedures that will be required besides waterproofing, we will also discuss suitable measures when making the estimate to make sure that you are never bothered with frequent home maintenance and repairs.

Effective waterproofing materials and membrane systems

Our company has invested in tested and proven waterproofing technologies to always deliver lasting solutions. At Waterproofing Singapore, we always pursue unique home waterproofing materials, membrane systems and techniques that have been proven effective.

Some of the best waterproofing materials that we use for residential developments include, liquid waterproofing, bentonite waterproofing, bitumen waterproofing, waterproof paint, rubber waterproofing, waterproofing sealant and sealer, and cementitious waterproofing. Although we use various kinds of waterproofing materials, it should be noted that not all can be used in just any situation. The choice of waterproofing materials to be used in each project is mainly based on the condition of the structure and your expectations.

Apart from these materials, we can also use quality membrane systems to waterproof your home. Some of the main membrane systems that we are conversant with include, liquid, concrete wall, roof, basement and foundation waterproofing membrane. Similar to waterproofing materials, we will always select the most suitable membrane system that can leave a lasting mark on your property. Sometimes, customers come with their minds already made up on the particular waterproofing materials and membrane systems to be used on their homes.

Even in such situations, we will still advise you on the best waterproofing materials and membrane systems that can effectively address the issues being experienced without digging deeper into the pocket.

Innovative waterproofing technologies

At Waterproofing Singapore, we have shifted from the old waterproofing techniques to new technologies that are more precise and reliable. Our company has invested in the latest waterproofing technologies to make sure that every procedure is done to the best standards. Whether you are building a new home or experiencing problems on an existing one, we can always provide the best waterproofing solutions for foundations, basement walls, balconies, bathrooms and toilets, concrete slabs and roofs.

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