What is Waterproofing Membrane?

Have you ever wondered what is waterproofing membrane? Probably you might have heard this term from different roofing contractors who offer roof services. Waterproofing membrane is a layer that is made of coated-fabric, rubber or plastic that protects walls, buildings, roofs, and basements from water. We offer the best roof services when it comes to waterproofing because we understand the need of properly installing the membrane. Water is good, but excess accumulation of water in your building can weaken the structures, or cause rusting.

Waterproof membranes can either be installed in the interior, exterior or in areas that are frequently accessed by people. The following are the different waterproof solutions we offer depending on the needs of our clients.

Exterior Waterproofing

The exterior waterproofing is also known as positive waterproof. In this design, the membrane is usually installed on the exterior side of a building. The main aim is to protect areas like roofs and walls, which are vulnerable to getting wet due to climatic conditions like rainfall. This is an essential insulator because it will protect the steel in the building from rusting. It will equally protect the covered areas from freeze-thaw effects and corrosion. It is not usually accessible after installation.

Interior Waterproofing

The interior waterproof is also referred to as negative side waterproofing. This type is mainly installed on surfaces to hold moisture and to withstand hydrostatic pressure. It protects moisture from underground soil from surfacing into your building which might cause concrete corrosion. Unlike the exterior waterproof, the interior waterproof is accessible after installation for maintenance and repairs.

Blind Side Waterproofing

This type of waterproof membrane is installed on areas that are easily accessible to minimize disturbance during construction. It is mainly applicable in tunnels construction and high-density sites.

Benefits of Waterproof Membrane

Waterproof membrane installation comes in handy with several benefits.

Saves on Cost

Saves in maintenance repair cost as a result of corrosion and rusting. Waterproof acts as an insulator to your construction to ensure that water does not destroy concrete surfaces. Exposing your building to climatic condition might cost you a fortune to repair. Therefore, it is important to consider waterproof installation to your roof or walls.

It Prolongs the Life of your building

The membrane will reduce climatic risks that have negative effects on your building. This will guarantee you a long term survival of the roof, wall or any other surface. For instance, a roof is directly exposed to sun and rain elements that have a great potential of wearing out the roof. We provide the best installation service that will guarantee you peace of mind during all weather conditions.

No Water Leaks

Waterproof membrane protects water from leaking into your house. Without the insulator, the roof is vulnerable to corrosion that would cause some pores. These pores will allow water and moisture to pass through to your ceiling. Repairing both the ceiling and the roof can be costly. That is why a waterproof membrane is highly recommended.

The Cost is Affordable

Despite most of the waterproof and roof services price are increasing, we offer the membrane installation services at affordable prices. The insulation will save you from incurring future expenses of surface maintenance and repairs.

It is Simple and Reliable

The membrane does not change the color of your surface. You will still be able to maintain your preferred color on exterior and interior surfaces. It is important to note that the insulation does not hinder your interior or exterior house designs, including the roof. It is reliable because the insulation protects the building from moisture and water damages for many years.

Encourages Construction Sustainability

The waterproof coating is good in extending the life of your building. It minimizes maintenance activities which is environmental friendly. If you install a membrane on your roof, you are more likely to renovate your building after fifteen years. It saves you money, reduces energy consumption, and reduces waste released in the environment.

Final Verdict

Hire us today for waterproofing and roof services. You no longer have to keep on repairing your house due to extreme weather conditions. The waterproof membrane will solve all the water related problems. Also, our team is well equipped with skills to help you choose the best insulator for your house.




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