Rubber Waterproofing

Rubber Waterproofing offers special advantages to buildings as compared to other waterproofing products. It has proven record of being able to withstand extreme environmental conditions for many years. It is one of the oldest waterproofing product that is being used in the construction industry. It has high elasticity levels and superior. The rubber gel never dries up quickly hence retains its elasticity feature for many years.

Benefits of Rubber Waterproofing

Environmentally Friendly

The rubber material is an environmentally friendly product that is highly recommended for waterproofing. It is ideal for roof coating because green grass and other plants can still grow on top of it. Rubber membrane is suitable for providing sustainable eco-sound roofing system.


It can last for many years, approximately 50 years. This makes it an economical solution for many buildings because of the long-lasting advantage. Roofs that were covered by a rubber coat many years ago are still protected.

Resistant to Wear and Tear

It does not suffer from wear and tear that comes with age. It does not crack or fade as compared to other waterproofing products. It resists water, moisture, and chemical substances from reaching the concrete and other parts of the house. Rubber breathes hence allows trapped moisture to escape instead of accumulating to form other side effects like the growth of molds.

Enhances the Beauty of the Roof

The color of the rubber substance provides a natural appearance of the roof and does not show dust and other dirt elements that may fall on the roof. Therefore the roof stays clean for many years. The installing process does involve ballast hence easy to clean up after waterproofing. Rubber waterproofing will look good for many years after installation.

Has a DIY Kit

The DIY kit is suitable for homeowners who are willing to perform the waterproofing process. The kit is designed with the relevant materials that you would need during the installation period. DIY saves you cost. However, if you need professionals to do it for you, look no further than Waterproofing Singapore.

Rubber gives a Sustainable Roof

The waterproofing methods need to be sustainable like a rubber material. Rubber provides a long-term solution for many buildings hence become the best solution endorsed by environmentalists.

It is light

Rubber membrane is light and does not exert extra pressure and weight to your building. Even though it can last for many years, more than 40 years, it is not heavy. The membrane is rolled on a flat roof surface after it has been cleaned.

Does not take much Time during Installation

When working with professionals, the installation process does not take much time. The membrane should be spread on the entire areas and ensure that there are no spaces left for water leaks. It can be challenging to install on irregular surfaces.

Withstands UV Rays

It is highly resistant to UV rays hence suitable or roof waterproofing. It withstands sunny climatic conditions as well as rainy seasons. Even though the material is a dark color, it does not absorb heat from the sun hence does not warm up your house.

Does not emit VOC

The fact that it does not emit VOC makes it a sustainable and environmentally friendly waterproofing material. It is important to think about the environment and sustainability before installing a waterproofing membrane. Rubber membrane has high regards from many sustainability and environmental organizations.

Cost Effective

Rubber waterproofing will save you cost because it can last up to 50 years. The initial cost might be higher as compared to other waterproofing products, nut its lifespan is unquestionable. When other people are thinking of renovating their waterproof membranes after 25 years, your rubber membrane will be still functional. It is not affected by the aging factor.

Installation Process is Friendly

During the installation process, there are no odor and smoke emitted into the environment as compared to bitumen torch on the application. Rubber membrane offers a watertight coating that does not allow water infiltration. It is resistant to puncture and has a self-healing mechanism.

Rubber waterproofing is suitable for both residential and commercial buildings. Waterproofing Singapore has the best waterproofing prices. Contact us today to get your quote for rubber waterproofing.

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