Tile Waterproofing

Before the home or commercial property owners understood the significance of tile waterproofing, the main focus of house decoration was in the sitting room, kitchen and bedroom. Today, tile waterproofing has become a crucial part of the decoration of the bathrooms. If you are considering to install tiles in your shower, you may as well consider installing tile waterproof. If the floor is not well waterproofed, shower water will remain standing for long which may cause the underneath of the tiles to be always wet. Since your bathrooms have to access to direct sunlight, the wetness will make a good environment for molds to grow. This has negative implications for you and your family’s health. Therefore, you need to hire an expert to carry out a complete tile waterproofing to prevent moisture accumulation.

What happens when you do not waterproof your Tiles?

A bathroom that is not waterproofed seems to hold water much longer than expected. To keep it dry, you will need to use other methods like wiping the surfaces. Sometimes the floor may appear to be dry, but the truth is that the water has seeped through the tile to the underneath deck. What happens is that the underneath deck will become wet and muddy due to the frequent use of the shower. The wetness will attract the growth of mold that has negative effects on your health like allergy reactions.

Due to the moisture trapped under the tiles, efflorescence will begin popping out through the spaces between your tiles. With time, the white substance will start to stain your surface, making it loose its original bright color. It will require a lot of work to keep cleaning efflorescence which never seems to end. You do not have to keep on overworking yourself in cleaning the tiles because tile waterproof membrane gives you a permanent solution.

Another negative consequence of not installing a waterproof membrane is that the trapped moisture with attracting dangerous insects like termites and ants.  These insects will harm you and your family because they are dangerous. It will be difficult for you to completely remove the insects and you will need to hire an exterminator. Hiring an exterminator to eliminate the insects will cost you a fortune.

Benefits of Tile Waterproofing

Tiles are always porous, therefore adding a waterproof membrane underneath them will help to keep the surface dry. Also, the layer will protect the water from reaching the deck of mud under the tiles. Dry surfaces will provide the needed grip while stepping on them hence protect you from sliding and falling. Wet tile surfaces are hazardous.

Tile waterproofing gives you a long term solution. Your floor will no longer attract the dangerous insects and the mold growth. These two moisture accumulation side effects are expensive to handle because you will need to remove the tiles to install the membrane. A well fitted waterproof membrane can last more than 20 years.

Maintenance and repair work is minimal. Waterproof membrane solves a wide range of problems that come with standing water and accumulation of moisture. The absence of the membrane will increase repair and maintenance costs. Sometimes the trapped moisture can cause your tiles to crack which means frequent replacement. With a waterproof membrane, the cost of repair will be low and it will increase the resale value of your house.

Tile Waterproofing improves the aesthetic value of your bathroom. Waterproof membrane will prevent efflorescent and molds from forming, hence keep your tiles clean and shiny.

Important Considerations

It is important to consider waterproofing areas in your house that are highly susceptible to moisture. Not only does the bathroom tiles need waterproofing, but also the kitchen tiles. This will protect your surfaces from accumulating moisture that causes the growth of molds and formation of efflorescent. All you need to do is share your renovation details, and we will give you the best deal that will suit your budget.

Another important consideration is to hire experts in tile waterproofing. Trusted professionals will ensure that the waterproof membrane is well fitted under the floor. Working with inexperienced experts might not have the required expertise to install the waterproof membrane. You will need to hire another expert after a while for extra maintenance and repair. Whenever you need qualified experts to install the tiles waterproof membrane, look no further than here. Hire us today.


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