Typical Basement and foundation waterproofing cost in Singapore

Waking up to a flooded basement can be a nightmare to many homeowners. Water leaks and excess moisture content coming from the foundation is not a friend to any building. Unfortunately, many owners ignore concrete cracks because they assume that repairing the crack will cost them a fortune. What you need to know is repairing the crack is far much cheaper than waiting for the building to collapse or even waking up to a wet basement. A crack is a physical sign to show that there is a lot more go on in the inside. With time, the cracks will continue enlarging and will equally reduce that resale value of your house.  You no longer have to ignore the basement cracks because here at Waterproofing Singapore we have the best and affordable waterproofing packages.

The Cost to Expect for each Repair Method

Each waterproofing method is suitable for different cracks and has varying costs. These three methods have been approved by the professionals in the industry of construction because of their effectiveness. We would never recommend a waterproofing service that will bring future problems to your foundation.

  1. Epoxy Crack Injection

This is a permanent waterproof repair that involves the injection of epoxy resin into the basement crack. The epoxy resin takes about 4 to 5 hours to cure, and the crack will be fully covered. The epoxy contains two epoxy substances that bonds with the concrete to make a permanent solution to your leaking foundation. If you work with contractors who prefer excavation, the total cost would be two times higher than the typical epoxy injection cost. However, what matters most in an epoxy injection basement repair is the work ethic, skills, and experience of our technicians. Our technicians have access to different types of epoxy materials that would perfectly solve the crack problems in your foundation.

  1. Polyurethane Crack Injection

In this method, polyurethane paste is injected into the cracks at low pressure. This injection is suitable for both commercial and residential basement waterproofing. No excavation needed for this method which makes it more affordable. The injection will fill in the polyurethane paste that will prevent water from seeping through the foundation. The advantage of this injection is that the waterproofing paste takes a little time to cure, making it suitable for quick and urgent repairs. It is also not affected by the wetness of the surface. The range cost of this method is relatively similar to the epoxy injection.

  1. Exterior Crack Repair

This is a quite expensive waterproofing method because it involves a lot of excavation work. The price would shoot higher depending on how accessible the basement crack is, how much landscaping needed, and how much digging will be necessary. This repair aims at preventing water from seeping into your basement from the exterior or underneath.

Why the large Difference in Waterproofing Cost?

The epoxy and polyurethane injection are relatively cheaper because of the technique used to repair the crack. These two do not necessarily require excavation process which actually makes the exterior waterproofing relatively expensive. In general, you will be needed to pay for the technician according to the number and size of the basement cracks. If your basement has several large cracks, the total cost will be higher than repairing a small crack. However, we offer discounted prices to our customers who need more waterproofing.

The repair cost could also be higher if the services offered are inclusive of follow-up services. Follow-up services are important to ensure that the waterproof service is effective. It will equally reduce your maintenance cost because of the warranty. Charges for services without a guaranteed offer are relatively lower.

Most homeowners avoid the exterior repair because of its high cost and the much work required. However, repairing the water leaking problem from the root cause will save you future costs.

At Waterproofing Singapore, we have technicians who come on the ground to access the cracks present and advice you on the best method. We also provide waterproofing quotations for different methods that will suit your budget. There is more of engineering work that comes in handy with the waterproofing services. Contact us today for your crack repair quotation.


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