Concrete Repair

Concrete is one of the best building and construction materials that have been used across the world for centuries. Concrete walls and floors are a common spectacle in most residential and commercial premises in Singapore. Despite the considerable benefits of concrete, it is also highly vulnerable to various kinds of damage, cracks and divisions. Although the damage could sometimes provide clues onto the cause of the hitch, only proper diagnosis can help in determining a suitable solution to it and, how fast it should be addressed.

Instead of all the hassles, simply contact us. Waterproofing Singapore offers professional concrete repair services by concrete waterproofing and using concrete waterproofing membranes for both residential and commercial property. We can always save you from the stress through our timely and expert approach to concrete problems. Our company has trained personnel with the best experience in all concrete repair procedures for quality workmanship. And, we always pursue a unique approach in every concrete repair project so you are able to get customized solutions.

The Most Common Types of Concrete Damage

Whether you have a concrete floor, wall or both, keep in mind there are various kinds of damage that can be experienced over time. The damage can result from various elements ranging from, human activity, environmental and weather factors, ageing to accidents. Generally, wear and tear usually requires that the concrete wall or floor is re-done or replaced but, we can also perform tailor made repair procedures to lengthen its lifespan. Nonetheless, the following are some of the common types of concrete damage that we can help you with;


Cracks appear in almost all concrete walls and floors. In fact, they can even start showing a few days or weeks after construction. Cracks can be caused by poor construction, placing heavy and sharp objects on the concrete. If concrete is exposed to very high temperatures from elements like, fire, it can also experience cracks. There are certain tiny cracks that occur only on the surface and may not have any impacts on the strength and appeal of your flooring. However, there are also larger cracks, which you should always be very cautious with.

In case the crack is big enough to allow water to pass through, it should be immediately filled or sealed with the right materials before it develops. Besides, cracks that pose a safety hazard should also be addressed to avoid causing accidents and further degradation. You will also need to address cracks that give the concrete flooring or walls an undesirable appearance.


This is also another common form of damage experienced on concrete surfaces. Lifting mainly occurs on concrete floors erected on footpaths or areas with trees. Extreme change in temperatures can also impact lifting of concrete pads. Whenever lifting occurs on your concrete slab, it creates space for water to seep through, causing even much greater damage in just a short time.  If the concrete slab is constructed outside the house, the lifted pads could also create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and fungus, putting you at great health risks.

Whether the lifting occurs inside or outside the building, the case should always be addressed immediately and effectively to prevent all the threats outlined above. Remember, concrete slabs that are severely lifted could also be a safety risk to people when walking and, even driving. On the other hand, lifting will also harm the aesthetics of your property.


Also called spalling, pitting is whereby the surface of the concrete is chipped off. Pitting can occur if the concrete is continuously exposed to lower temperatures or covered by very cold water. In case concrete remains covered in cold water for a long time, water can easily penetrate and form a build-up of moisture therein. Moisture has the ability to cause up to 9% of expansion in concrete. On the other hand, pitting can also result from mistakes made during construction like, improper mixing of the concrete.

Pitting usually looks like a simple hitch to most people but, it has its share of threats including, faster concrete degradation, health risks to occupants of the building and a bad appearance for the property. In severe cases, pitting could even result into failure of the sub-base. Therefore, it also needs to be addressed by an expert as soon as the signs are realized.

Concrete settlement

This damage occurs whenever there is a void or free space under the concrete slab created by underground leaks or soil activity. If this happens, the pads above the void are no longer able to hold the weight on the surface and, eventually sink. The result is uneven surfaces that will leave the flooring or walls looking rough, ugly and, also very unsafe for the structure and occupants. Whichever thee case, concrete settlement also requires immediate and proper repair.

Professional Concrete Repair Singapore

At Waterproofing Singapore, we can always help you in solving all the types of concrete damage discussed above and others. After a proper diagnosis of the problems, we will prepare and send an accurate concrete repair estimate, highlighting all the findings from inspection, recommended repair procedures and related costs at your convenience. In case the diagnosis unearths other problems, we will also make sure that they are covered in the quotation for the best results. For greater reliability, we also provide waterproofing and roofing solutions.

Having successfully handled various kinds of concrete repair projects in the previous years, we have a better understanding of appropriate measures for both common and complex concrete problems. In every project that you give us to work on, we will always deliver the best treatment to not only improve the appeal of the flooring or wall but, also extend its lifespan. We integrate distinct concrete repair techniques and technologies that are eco-friendly and efficient. Even if your concrete may need some special repair treatments, we can always surpass expectations.

Free Concrete Repair Estimate

Considering the numerous threats of concrete damage, you should always talk to us as soon as any sign is detected. We will immediately send a team of experts to perform an inspection and, ensure all the hitches are effectively addressed at your convenience.

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