Waterproofing of Old Shop House along Pasir Panjang Road

This location is along Pasir Panjang Road. It is part of a row of old shop houses near Pasir Panjang MRT station.

Multiple water leaking from the toilet’s old waterproofing membrane. Waterproofing for this is a step by step process. We start off with observation and checking for obvious sources of seepage or leak. This means applying deep penetration sealers to soak below the grout surface. And also re-do the grouting especially where there are obvious cracks. For location such as this with multiple possible water leakage including cracked floor tiles, even the tiles need to be treated.

Our work is challenged by tenants who live there and need to use the toilet before they go to work. Hence leading to possibility of damage to waterproofing treatment.

We also proceeded to coat the top surface of the toilet floor with clear export coat.

We also detected water leaking from the water carrying copper pipes and through the ceiling. These were changed and waterproofing cement added to the part where the copper pipes run from the 2nd to the 1st floor. After all these were done, there are still 3x small spots which water dripped out. We applied crystalline waterproofing cement and also polyurethane PU grout injection to seal the spots seen and unseen.

Before Improvement Works

During and After Improvement Works

HDB Registered Contractor
License Number: HB-09-5474D