Toilet Leakage

Toilet leaks are one of the house problems that can go unnoticed. This is because causes of toilet leakage are not well known by most homeowners. A leaking toilet can cost you volumes and volumes of water annually if not fixed. Sometimes you might try to fix the problem, but you will find it reoccurring again and again. This is why Waterproofing Singapore specialists are highly skilled with the best long lasting solutions to such problems.

Causes of Toilet Leakage

  1. Faulty Supply Pipe

When pipe joints become loose due to wearing out, water might start leaking from the pipe to the toilet. If the rubber joining the two pipes is also loose, it will allow water to seep through to the toilet floor. If the supply pipes and the rubber have stayed for long without replacing them, it is a sign that your toilet is likely to have water leaks problems.

  1. A faulty Tank

The tank that supplies water to your toilet might have cracks or fractures that allow water to seep through. As the tank continues to replenish its water, the leaking problem continues. This cause can be persistent if not fixed well.

  1. A Faulty Flapper

A faulty flapper can cause toilet flooding problems. This is because the valve will not be functioning as usual as water will continue flowing in the cistern hence causing flooding. The solution to this problem is to repair the flapper.

  1. Weak Connections

If the rubber rings are not well fitted, it will cause water leaks. If the contractor who was fixing your toilet did not tighten the rubber linings, your toilet is likely to suffer from water leaks due to the weak connections. It is also important to keep on checking whether the rubbers are in good conditions and are water tight.

  1. A Faulty Float

If the ball that floats on water to close the valve is faulty, it may cause water overflow causing water leaks. The float needs to be regularly checked to ensure that it works well by closing the toilet valve when full.

  1. The Accumulation of Chemicals can cause Toilet Leaks

Accumulation of chemicals wears out the toilet features that may allow water to seep through the tank to the toilet even before flushing. Water loss will depend on how long the toilet has been worn out, and the amount of water is allowed to seep through.

How to Determine Toilet Leaks

Even though toilet leaks can go unnoticed, there are ways in which you can check if your toilet is leaking.

You can add few droplets of ink in the toilet tank and wait for about two hours without using the toilet. If you go back and check the toilet and find the ink traces inside, your toilet is probably leaking. If not, your toilet is good.

Another way of finding out if your toilet is leaking is by drying out the toilet floor and wait. Check the floor condition after a while to see whether it is still dry. If there are some drops of water on the floor, your toilet might have a faulty supply line that is leaking.

Lastly, you can tell if your toilet is leaking if you hear hissing sounds from the toilet tank. This is an indication that water is leaking from the storage tank. You can always contact us to check your toilet and fix the water problem.

Toilet Leakage Repair

The first step of repairing a leaking toilet is to identify the source of the problem. You need to know the exact location of the problem. If the rubber rings are loose, you can buy new ones and fit them. If the problem is in the supply lines, it is advisable to contact the specialists for repair services. This is because most DIY repairs are not long lasting and the toilet leakage might reoccur. Here at Waterproofing Singapore, we offer quality and durable toilet leakage repair services.

If the water leaks problem is serious, it may require full replacement of the entire toilet. This is beneficial because you will get to save the cost of water loss. The best solution will be given by the professionals after examining the condition of your toilet. Contact us today!


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