Bitumen Waterproofing


Bitumen is a product from crude oil, and it is the key component in this material. Bitumen Waterproofing method is suitable for flat surfaces because the sheets come in rolls. It is usually made of a sticky organic substance to make the sheets to stick on the surface. A torch is usually used in the process of applying the bitumen membranes to make it stick permanently on the surface. The bituminous torch-on tool is widely used by contractors during the installation of this membrane. Bitumen can be mixed with polymers to make it stronger and durable. It protects surfaces from water and moisture accumulation. Bitumen is also resistant to tear and wear.

How to Install Bitumen Membrane

  1. Preparing the Surface

Cleaning a surface before installation is important. The cleaning entails a soapy water and a brush to remove any dirt and debris materials on the surface. In case the surface is not smooth, the technicians will smoothen the surface. During this step, the technicians will also take measurements of the surface.

  1. Install Roofing Felt

After cleaning out all dirt and debris materials, we install the roofing felt and secure it with nails on the concrete. The roofing felt acts as a base material for installing the membrane sheets.

  1. Priming

We prime the surface after installing the felt sheets. We roll out the bitumen membrane sheets on the surface ensuring that there are no creases of air molecules trapped beneath the bitumen sheets.

  1. Torch on Membrane

The propane torch is used to burn the bitumen to make it melt on the surface and to form a permanent coat. The torch is rolled slowly on the surface to ensure that every part of the membrane sheet is attached to the surface. The process is continuously repeated until all bitumen sheets are fixed.

During the installation process, the contractors are usually wearing protective clothes, especially when using the torch to burn the bitumen sheets.

Benefits of Bitumen Membrane

  • It is environmentally friendly. Bitumen is a non-toxic substance that does not affect the environment. When the membrane is being burnt, the gas released is odorless and non-toxic.
  • Bitumen membrane has a long life span. Bitumen membranes are of high-quality materials that are able to withstand extreme environmental conditions.
  • It is suitable for roofs and flat surfaces in a building.
  • It is resistant to water and mechanical damage making it suitable for exterior waterproofing.
  • It protects the surface from harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • If well installed, it provides a seamless membrane .
  • The membrane sheets come with a long warranty from the manufacturer that ensures your building’s longevity.
  • It is an affordable waterproofing material and still provides quality and long lasting solutions to your building.

Limitations of Bitumen Membrane

  • Bitumen is black in color that allows it to absorb heat rather than to reflect it. Even though it is not affected by the UV rays, it might end up accumulating a lot of heat hence causing a heating effect in the house.
  • Some types of bitumen membrane are not durable and may be vulnerable to tear and wear. To get a long lasting membrane sheet, you will have to pay more which can make this type of waterproofing costly.
  • It needs granules installation for preventing the overheating effect. The granules may add on the initial cost of buying the bitumen membranes. If the granules are not installed, the building might suffer from heating effect.
  • If it holds water for a long time, it might damage the membrane . It is important to ensure that the roof gutters are in good condition to increase water runoff from the roof. Frequent water accumulation makes the bitumen membrane to age quickly.
  • It requires a lot of time to install. The process of installing a membrane takes step by step until the final stage. It takes the time to cure because of using the torch to melt bitumen.

As Waterproofing Singapore, we ensure that our customers get the best services. We understand that bitumen waterproofing lasts longer when properly installed. The crucial part of installing bitumen membrane is ensuring that it is seamless. When done right, bitumen membrane can last for many years. Call us today and receive your quote.


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