Internal Wall Waterproofing

Moisture penetration into the interior walls of a home leads to the growth of mold and mildew, cracking of interior wall and even structural replacement and damage. Some of the sources of interior wall dampness include cracks in interior walls that let rain water leak inside and seepage from adjacent leakage walls of kitchen and toilet. Traditional waterproofing techniques do not adequately address severe dampness arising from the reasons stated above.

Waterproofing Singapore

Waterproofing Singapore is a BCA registered and certified company specializing in the permanent treatment of internal wall dampness in high rise private and public housings. Our company uses a unique and universal treatment to arrest oppressive internal humidity in residential, commercial and industrial establishments. Our Internal Wall waterproofing professionals do not break the wall plaster to reach the brick level to waterproof it. Instead, we apply our treatment directly to damp interior wall by brush that is easy to use.

Our quick drying technology allows us to get the job done rapidly and professionally. A treated wall is also plastered using a waterproof leveling plaster to eliminate the undulations, giving your interior wall a smooth and appealing finish. We give our clients’ buildings the perfect treatment that is virtually devoid of imperfections.

We achieve the impermeability of interior walls by providing proper wall thickness and adequate design of construction joints. Our interior wall waterproofing service provides surface rendering and finishes that act as a barrier against infiltration. Our specialists create an impervious membrane that thwarts the likelihood of seepage.

We understand that ineffectively waterproofed interior walls can lead to moisture invasion. And, humid or damp areas are excellent breeding grounds for mold and mildew that can damage the walls. Mildew and mold can also lead to health issues for the residents.

Our Interior Wall Waterproofing Solutions

Using either cement or general interior acrylic paint is not the best waterproofing coating since these do not create an impermeable membrane. At Waterproofing Singapore, we combine the coating with efficient Internal Wall Waterproofing and aesthetics. We use a variety of membrane systems that have been tested and approved as effective for Internal Wall Waterproofing. We pledge to deliver lasting solutions that address water intrusion into your home or commercial property.

Water Resistant Wrappings

Using a sealer to coat is not the recommended internal wall waterproofing option due to the absorption ability of drywall. Also called plasterboard, drywall encompasses a gypsum core bounded by thick paper wrappings. When water soaks these wrappings, moisture is transmitted to the gypsum, and the integrity of the whole drywall panel gets compromised.

Waterproofing Singapore professionals do not recommend using drywall for interior walls in areas prone to moisture. We recommend using green board instead. Green board is a special type of drywall consisting of green, moisture-resistant wrappings. It has a wax or silicone coating that safeguards the core against moisture.

Use of Sealers

Waterproofing Singapore experts utilize sealers to guarantee the integrity of your internal walls. Sealers are chemicals that we apply to interior walls just the way you would apply a coat of paint. We use these particular chemicals to fill the pores or minute gaps that might exist in internal walls.

The end goal of using a sealer is to make the material watertight, so it is unlikely to get inundated with water. Our interior wall waterproofing experts use sealers to limit the deterioration of wall foundations due to extreme moisture and humidity. We also make use of plaster waterproofing additives.

Plastering or coating internal walls improves aesthetics, makes them more reliable and protects against water ingress. We incorporate plaster waterproofing additives that serve to eliminate water infiltration issues. Adding a waterproofing admixture to the plaster also prevents reoccurrence of water seepage.

Why Choose Waterproofing Singapore?

Interior Wall Waterproofing tasks may appear to be simple, but in reality, there is so much required to achieve success. That is the reason every home owner is recommended to seek professional help from an expert waterproofing and roofing professional. Hiring Waterproofing Singapore comes with tremendous lots of benefits that make your life easier while simultaneously enhancing the overall value of your property.

Below are the advantages of choosing and hiring Waterproofing Singapore for internal wall waterproofing and other repair services


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