Crystalline Technology For Concrete Waterproofing

One of the most important materials used in construction is concrete. It is used from the foundation of a building to the exterior and interior parts of the house. The main components of concrete are water, sand, and cement. Concrete is highly preferred for construction because of its long term durability nature. However, it is susceptible to cracking and is permeable to water (thereby causing leakage and seepage). These factors pose a great risk to the structures made of concrete. To avoid these negative effects from occurring, contractors use crystalline waterproofing technology. It helps in increasing the durability of concrete, reduces maintenance costs and extends the lifespan of buildings.

What is the Nature of Concrete?

Concrete is porous and permeable in nature. This quality allows free movement of water in and out of a concrete surface. When it comes into contact with water, solutions such as sulfates and chlorides from that deteriorate concrete. After a long term accumulation of water and moisture, the walls or foundations or tunnels become weak and crumble down. It is important to consider long-term safety of any construction because once it falls, it could cause deaths of people and destruction of properties.  It equally cracks and shrinks as it dries up and the cracks trap water and moisture. Due to this nature of concrete, Waterproof Singapore also uses such crystalline technology for concrete waterproofing.

How does Crystalline Waterproofing Technology Work?

Crystalline technology improves the strength of concrete by filling in the pores and spaces with the non-soluble and resistant crystalline substance.

Cement in concrete is chemical in nature. When it mixes with water, it reacts to form chemical substances like hydroxides, sulfates, and carbonates. These chemical solutions have the potential of corroding concrete, making it weak. Once the waterproofing service is done, it releases chemicals that seep through the concrete wall and reduce its permeability. Crystalline technology is composed of chemical substances that form crystalline substances that inhibit such chemical reactions to occur. The crystalline substances that are formed fill in pores and the cracks. The crystalline formed to fill in the voids and become a permanent part of the structure. Another advantage of this technology is that the crystalline formed stays inside the concrete hence it is not prone to destruction like other membranes.

The main phenomena of crystalline waterproofing that make it effective are:

  • It inhibits the chemical corrosion caused by CO and CO2. Once these gases mix with air, they cause carbonation process that corrodes concrete.
  • It prevents alkali chemical reactions from affect concrete by inhibiting water to such chemical reactions.
  • It reduces chloride diffusion into concrete structures.  This is beneficial for structures reinforced with steel.

Application Methods of Crystalline Technology

Applied as a Coat on existing Structures

For insulating already build structures, the waterproofing materials are mixed with water. The mixture is usually sprayed or applied with a brush. For quick coating, the experts can use an advanced sprayer. This machine is highly recommended for horizontal surfaces. Sprays are good for coating vertical walls.

Mixing the Concrete with Crystalline during Construction

During this application method, waterproofing chemicals are uniformly mixed with concrete. This is different from external coating because it uniformly penetrates throughout the concrete structure. The mixture reduces the level of concrete shrinking and increases the durability of the structure. The dosage of crystalline waterproof substances to be mixed will be determined by our experts.

Dry-Shake Application

In this method, crystalline powder is sprayed on slab surfaces after the concrete has been installed and leveled. The powder is used as part of normal finishing of surface construction. The dry-shake application method is suitable for warehouse floors and basement slabs.

Final Verdict

Although the crystalline waterproofing technology may sound to be simple, it requires highly trained engineers for installation. Our engineers in Waterproofing Singapore are highly skilled and provide the best waterproofing services in Singapore. With the significant benefits of crystalline waterproofing like strengthening concrete, reduces maintenance cost, and increasing the lifespan of the building, careful consideration needs to be done by our experts. We understand that effective use of this technology will provide high concrete performance, which is an advantage to all building owners.

If you need qualified waterproof experts in Singapore, contact us today. We have all concrete waterproofing services you need, including other concrete repair services.


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