Industrial Waterproofing

The most effective way of protecting industrial structures from water penetration leakages is through waterproofing. Waterproofing Singapore offers you the best waterproofing solutions for any sophisticated industrial buildings. Our contractors have proven their expertise through working with countless clients who needed industrial waterproofing. The following are some of our waterproofing services to industrial structures. After reading this information, you can contact us for more specific and detailed information.

Roof Waterproofing

A roof of an industrial building is the most susceptible structure. It is highly exposed to extreme climatic conditions like sunlight and rainfall. Therefore, it is more likely to suffer from water leaks problems more than any other part of the building. Having a water leak problem in industrial structure can result in products and raw material destruction. Also, moisture can cause serious malfunctioning of technical machinery that could cost a fortune to repair. Therefore, waterproofing services are important to ensure the long-term survival of machines and will equally protect raw materials and products from destruction.

Most often, industrial building owners are concerned with installing air-conditioning equipment, proper ventilation, and the necessary architectural designs. Less often do the owner consider waterproofing services as a primary need for the building. Here at Waterproofing Singapore, we advise such owners to consider waterproofing services because it is crucial for the safety of machines and raw materials.

The best solution for roof waterproofing that we offer is the liquid membrane waterproofing. We use the polyurethane resin to install a protective layer on the roof. Liquid Waterproof is beneficial because it is suitable for already installed surfaces like rooftops, old concrete surfaces, and timber. It is a quick coating process that will save you time and cost.

Benefits of Liquid Membrane on Roofs

  • It provides a seamless liquid membrane on the roof hence it is easy to achieve complete waterproofing.
  • It considers each and every detail of the roof parts. It can reach areas that other methods of coating cannot reach through a single spray.
  • It is less hazardous meaning that the waterproofing process can still go on as the building is being occupied.
  • It has a high level of elasticity and durability. It can withstand extreme environmental conditions without tearing.
  • It has a breathability value. It can allow trapped moisture to evaporate from the building.
  • Finally, it is easy to maintain. Maintenance costs are minimal.

Water Storage Waterproofing

A water storage facility, either for waste water or clean water, is crucial for every industrial structure. Since water is expensive to buy, it is important to save the available water through sealing the storage tanks from leaking. Leakages can high cause large volumes of water to go to waste. For efficient industrial operations, water flow should be consistent otherwise it will slow down production processes.

We use epoxy resin for storage tank waterproofing. This is because the epoxy substance can be thinned down with water in the tank making it be tough and resistant to breaking. The advantage of the epoxy membrane is that it can be installed on a wet surface. It does not pose health hazards because it does not contain any solvents. Epoxy is totally safe coating membrane and convenient to apply in both interior and exterior parts of storage tanks. It is nonflammable and highly resistant to water pressure.

Water Barriers Waterproofing

The water barriers in an industrial building are vulnerable to acid rain and gaseous reactions that damage the structure. Even though various measures have been set to reduce gas pollutants from industries, it is still beneficial to consider coating the water barriers. The best solution that we offer for such structures is the polyurethane liquid spray. This is because it provides a seamless coating and it can penetrate into all parts of the barrier without tampering with the structure. Since most of the water barriers are found in the external environment, the liquid spray will form a highly resistant coat.

More to our industrial waterproofing services include secondary storage waterproofing, food and silos storage waterproofing. Industrial waterproofing will provide you with a long term and reliable solutions. Our team of engineers is highly trained for each and every waterproofing solution that you need. Call us today for more details, and we are always ready to give you the best prices in town.


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