Accreditation Scheme For Singapore Waterproofing Specialist Contractors

The known institute that offers licensing services to Singapore specialist contractors is the Singapore Concrete Institute (SCI). The accreditation scheme is a voluntary program offered by Singapore Concrete Institute to all waterproofing professionals. The main role of this scheme is to ensure that contractors are complying with waterproofing standards. This will ensure that customers are receiving quality and approved services that will solve the water leaking problems. The accreditation scheme offered by this institute encourage specialists to enroll to the scheme for different waterproof services for long term quality sustainability.

Advantages of being accredited

  • Exposure to more Business Opportunities

The SCI approved accreditation scheme provides local and national waterproofing opportunities to its members. Most of the potential clients prefer working with approved contractors like Waterproofing Singapore because of quality assurance. SCI provides the specialist with a hardcopy approval certificates that can be used to bid for jobs. Employees can prove that they are registered specialists.

  • Receive Licensing for Operating

SCI can issue out operating licenses to specialists who have taken their accreditation courses. This license is beneficial to all waterproofing agents because it is a basic requirement before beginning any repair, either residential or commercial. Lack of this license will attract heavy fine from the regulations and will hinder one to freely operate waterproofing services.

  • Flexibility in Operational Costs

As an approved contractor, you will be able to secure your operational costs and also be flexible to returning clients. The Institute regularly provides updated charging cost for different waterproofing and repair services. This will provide the accredited members with the basic information on how to determine the operational costs.

  • More Benefits of SCI Accreditation

Once approved, the company will be able to display the certificate at the reception or boardroom. The certification will come in handy with extra copies of accreditation that can be presented during business proposal meetings to demonstrate competence in engineering skills.

Accreditation Criteria

  1. Facilities and Management Criteria: This criterion includes grounds and building maintenance, health and safety, space management, security, and after work cleaning services.
  2. Design Capability and Track Record: This criterion includes the engineering design ability of the contractors and the previous work records.
  3. Structural Integrity and Quality: The quality and integrity of waterproofing services are important to homeowners. They determine the safety of both residential and commercial buildings.

Benefits of Accreditation to our Customers

Choosing accredited contractors is beneficial to all clients who are seeking for waterproofing services. Customers will be certain of receiving quality and durable services.

  • Guaranteed Follow up Services

Professionals who do not have SCI accreditation may not be able to offer you follow up services. In the case of any maintenance need, they will request you to pay for the services. Hiring approved contractors like Waterproofing Singapore; you will receive guaranteed continuous service.

Assured of Quality Waterproofing Services

Best waterproofing services are given by the approved engineers. They have gone through different tests in SCI, and their competence is unquestionable. You should not be misled by low and highly discounted prices from contractors who are not yet approved. They might not be able to give you quality services that you deserve. In most cases, you will end up paying more for the maintenance services.

Different situations require different waterproofing services. Even though the most common method of repairing concrete cracks are epoxy and polyurethane injection, our team gets to decide which method is suitable. Only for the extreme case, we would recommend the exterior waterproofing method. If you work with unregistered contractors, they might give your unsuitable services that might not solve the water leaking problem.

  • Affordable Charges

The accreditation scheme provides contractors with price ranges for the waterproofing methods. The price range system protects the customers from being overcharged. Since most of the waterproofing works are engineered, most people may not fully understand it. Some specialists may take this advantage and over price the repair services. Licensed contractors will always give favorable prices because they will have to provide an account of financial track records to the accreditation institute.

Waterproofing Singapore guarantees you all these benefits because we are accredited under the SCI accreditation scheme. If you have been looking approved contractors, look no further than Waterproofing Singapore.


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