Our Waterproofing Projects

1. Waterproofing at Coronation Plaza Apartment

Water leaking when there is heavy rain via the external wall. We applied Davco Waterproofing Cement, Davco K10 Sovacryl on the outer layer. Internally, we apply K11 Matryx (a form of crystalline waterproofing cement), and then followed by Davco K10 Sovacryl.


Patching Work in Progress

After Completion of Work

2. Waterproofing at Suites@Eunos

Building ledge has cracks leading to water seepage into various apartments. We ensure surface is clean using jet wash as safe as possible. Then we apply Davco Green Sheet R waterproofing membrane on the vertical and horizontal portion of the building


Cleaning and Waterproofing Work in Progress

After Completion of Work

You can see the difference before and after clearly after waterproofing and painting.

3. Waterproofing and Flooring Works at Parc Olympia Condominium

Water Seepage between window frame and concrete wall. Affecting the engineered wood flooring. Patching up using K11 Matryx Crystalline Waterproofing Cement. Floor is leveled and layout with resilient vinyl plank tiles


Waterproofing and Flooring Work in Progress

After Completion of Work

4. Roof Waterproofing at Victoria Park Road Landed Property

Starts with Washing the roof tiles in essence of surface preparation

Followed by localized repairs where needed

Then coating of waterproofing membrane typically Davco K10 Sovacryl